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   Our mission at NEWWTA is to provide quality, affordable and professional training and technical assistance to water, wastewater and public works entities.

   We pride ourselves in ensuring that the best practices are implemented in the drinking water and wastewater treatment fields. Our qualified instructors are available to assist your personnel with courses designed to enhance professionalism, technical skills, human relations and communication skills.

"We strive to be the authority" for all your water and wastewater needs!


We offer training programs on:                                    

  • Operations and maintenance of water/wastewater treatment facilities and collection/distribution systems

  • Applied Sciences:
  • Hydraulics
  • Math
  • Chemistry
  • Microbiology
  • Health and Safety:
  • OSHA
  • State rules and regulations
  • Certification preparation

* Check our calendars to the left for our current course offerings.


Greg Kidd                     

...our founder, is a licensed wastewater systems operator in both Maine and Massachusetts and is a licensed water systems operator in Maine. Greg is an Alfred E. Peloquin recipient, recognized for "significant contributions to the wastewater field" by the New England Water Environment Association.

See Greg's complete Bio here


Other in-house services:      

  • Laboratory and safety audits
  • Written safety plans
  • Tutoring and contract operations for small water and wastewater systems

* Please contact us for more information regarding our other in-house services.


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